client settings

Now that the composer is for both desktop and mobile, it would be beneficial to have the ability to use the knowledge of knowing what OS is pulling down the page. ie. if mobile, then use set max records to 10 vs 100. That kind of thing.

On a related note, will ‘!!’ still work in brooklyn as a javascript check for whether the page is built in the mobile builder?

Pat, I’m pretty we could integrate mobile detection into a Skuid Page using something like mobile-detect.js . Also,


Yes, but preferably it’s something they have in their js already and can therefore leverage without us having to add additional js for download. Really want to push for page performance. So adding additional would counter the goal of this idea to a certain extent. :wink:

I’ll pass device detection to the  product team. @ Roman: Your approach should work. Let me know how it goes. Thanks.