Clicking in text field / search box freezes page builder in chrome

In Page Builder, 12.1.2, latest production Salesforce, Chrome on a Mac - this just started this week, when I click in a text field in page builder, to search for fields in the field popup window, or change the name of an action sequence for two examples, the page just freezes for about 10 seconds before it lets me input anything. It doesn’t do this first 2-3 times I do actions like this, and then it does it every time until I refresh the page builder. 

I’m thinking it something to do with Chrome’s cache, but I’ve worked on clearing that out pretty thoroughly and the problem persists. 

Is anyone else having this issue?

Problem doesn’t exist in Firefox or Safari. 

Turns out the problem was with 1Password extension for Chrome, once I disabled that the problem disappeared. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your resolution, Jack!