Click to Dial

We have fonality CTI integration with Salesforce and suppose to have click to dial functionality within Salesforce.  On my pages where there is a phone number we show the telephone icon but when clicked nothing happens.  I’m sure there is something I don’t have activated, but I’ve looked all around and cant find what I’m missing.  Thanks for the help in advance.

In order for the phone icon to show up,  you have to have a call center defined for the user record.  So you’ve done the first step. 

But have you added the phone app to your sidebar?  I believe that needs to be there before you can get the phone calls to execute. 

Then finally.  Are you getting any javascript errors in the console when you push the phone number icon? 

Thanks for the response.  Yes, I have added the call center and the SFAdapter for fonality and have the Fonality CRMLink active and working.  When I click on the icon I don’t get anything, its as if I didn’t click it.