Click to Dial Issues (Cisco CTI Integration)

I am working on some pages (standard objects) where we need to leverage the existing soft phone click to dial functionality. We currently use the Cisco Call Connector. I am unable to get the click to dial to work from phone number fields in Skuid pages. I am happy to provide more details, but I thought I’d throw it out there to see if anyone has dealt with this particular dialer. I have researched everything I can find about dialer functionality in Skuid, but I haven’t quite found the solution.

Scott, any more details you can provide would be helpful, we have not tested the Cisco CTI integration specifically. Are you seeing the Phone icon show up next to Phone fields, but it’s just not doing anything when you click on it? When you click on it, are there any errors in the JavaScript Console?

Hi, Zach. I will be working on this more today, and can provide screen shots or additional specifics to you as needed. However, I can tell you that the phone icons do appear next to phone fields. Nothing happens when you click it, nor did I see any errors in the console. Any direction you can provide with regards to what next steps I should take would be fantastic. Thanks for the help!

Any suggestions, Zach?

Hi Scott,

With the page open, can you check in your javascript console to see if all of the following objects are defined in javascript?