Click to Call RingDNA Chrome Extension Not Working

The click to call is not working on one of our skuid pages. The issue is not isolated because this click to call is working on other of our skuid pages. This issue also just happened today. Please help troubleshoot as this is work stopping. 
We have RingDNA which is a chrome extension and when you click on a phone number is opens a popup dialer. 
We are running 9.5.3 version of Skuid. 

Lauren, are you able to compare the page with the issue to a page that’s performing as expected? In other words, is the issue isolated to just one of your pages? If so, what do you see that’s different?

I’m not sure what kind of format the Chrome extension is looking for in the numbers, but if you have an example of a working number (one that will open RingDNA when clicked), I would suggest comparing it to the one that’s not behaving as expected. Perhaps one field is enclosed in double mustaches like {{Phone}}, which will include field metadata from Salesforce and a link if the field is set up to provide one, and the other field has triple mustaches, like {{{Phone}}}, which would not include any field metadata, and wouldn’t provide a Salesforce link. 

Edit: I wanted to provide this link to our documentation explaining the mustaches in more detail.

The issue is isolated to just one of my pages. It is an account details popup page that is used as a page include on multiple pages. I can view the same account from a different popup page and the chrome extension works. Example of how I am testing:
Preview non-working page with sample account parameter: click to dial does not work, phone field is being rendered standardly, the chrome extension for the click to dial is visible but does nothing when clicked.

Preview working page with same sample account parameter: click to dial does work, phone field is being rendered standardly, the chrome extension for the click to dial is visible and opens the dialer popup when clicked.

Do you see any error messages in the browser’s developer console when you click the number on the non-working page? It looks like the ringDNA extension may be trying to add html links in, from what I see in the screenshots. Have you compared how the number fields are being pulled in, to look for the double vs. triple mustache syntax? 

You might try adding a template field to your table in the non-working page, and set the template up with triple mustaches around the phone field name. This will prevent your Skuid page from using the field’s metadata to create a clickable link out of the phone number that performs Salesforce’s default action upon clicking.

Thanks for your reply! There are no error messages when clicking the number on the non-working page. 
I added a template with triple mustache syntax and the click to call symbol disappears as an option completely. Adding a template with double mustache syntax the click to call symbol is still visible, the non-working page still does not work, and the working page does work. I was able to create a new popup details page where the click to call button is working and updated the page include on all the pages in use, but I would still like to isolate what caused this page to stop working. 
What other information can I provide?

I’d look for any patterns around the environments which yield a working link, vs. those that don’t. In particular, is there a certain Skuid component that consistently makes the numbers clickable, and another that makes them non-clickable? Or, is there a pattern in which some phone fields are working as expected with RingDNA, and others aren’t (for example, is there a field type that works, and one that doesn’t)?