Click to Call ( Not Working

We’ve been running a Skuid page in combination with for almost a year now.  However, just in the last week or two, users have told me that the click-to-dial icon doesn’t work on Skuid pages.  (Still works on standard SF pages.)  When you click the phone icon in the Skuid page, it does…nothing.  (Chrome and IE.)

I’ve seen a couple other posts around click-to-dial functionality, but they all seem to be pretty specific use cases / implementations, so I didn’t know if using would make a difference in the answer.

I’m thinking it might be related to Brooklyn, but the timing seems a bit off, since we pushed that in early December.


What iteration of Brooklyn are you on?


Monica, Could you please let me know how you got the click to dial working in the first place? Inside sales does not accept the “tel:” tag that skuid numbers are wrapped around with. Is there a Javascript thing we’ll have to do?

Hey any word on this Monica or Amy?


What version of Skuid are you on? 


I am also interested in this. Has anyone brought InsideSales in to a Skuid page?