Clearing date field in the UI (using v2)

We have a scenario where we’re using two date date fields for some calcs but if those fields are blank we have default values for the calcs. There’s a checkbox on the UI for the user to clear the date values and apply the defaults but the problem is the cleared date value is getting saved to the DB but it’s not reflected in the UI unless the user refreshes the page which isn’t a workable solution. Basically - is there a way to have the value in the date field cleared in the UI when the user checks the box? We’ve tried requerying the model, I found some snippets in old discussions that didn’t do the trick, and have tried tricking Skuid by using an old suggestion of selecting a different field to update first with a blank value then changing the updated field to the date field all to no avail. Anyone have any insight or ideas?


I am not able to get the full picture, but I find it strange that its not reflected in the UI. Are you sing Actions or JS to update the values?

From what I found using Actions calls some event (idk which, but would really like to know) that gets picked up by UI components and updates what they show. You don’t need to save the data, you just need to call the Action to update row/fields.

Though, I don’t know this will allow your other Actions/Snippets pick up the default values. I found default values to just not work sometimes.

Hope this is of some help.




We’re using an action to update the date field when a box is checked. I’ve tried setting it to a blank value, null value, and everything else I can think of… It saves the change in the DB but only reflects when the page is reloaded.

@Matt_Wyre can you provide the XML( or a simplified version) so I can use it to try to reproduce and help solve it?