Clear server-side personalization settings

I wanted to share a bit of info here since I can’t find it on the forums.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the personalization settings can potentially bug out, remembering old personalization settings when the page is edited to remove those personalizations causing odd issues.

For instance in the editor if you have “remember last selected value” for a table filter, and someone selects a filter option, then you turn off “remember last selected value”, it can continue to remember the user’s last selected value even though that has been turned off, and will always remember that value even if the filter selection changes. I’ve also noticed other instances where filters maintained themselves through personalization settings that showed no visual indication that they did, causing a lot of confusion when the table’s rows weren’t showing everything because they were being filtered out.

To solve this you can delete personalization settings using SOQL / anonymous apex on a page/user basis. For example:

List<skuid__Personalization_Settings__c> pers = [SELECT Id, skuid__Page__c,skuid__Page__r.Name, skuid__User__c, skuid__User__r.Name FROM skuid__Personalization_Settings__c
WHERE skuid__Page__r.Name = 'PAGENAME' AND skuid__User__r.Name = 'USER NAME'];

delete pers;

Thanks for sharing this here Mark.