Clear PopUp After Save so popup can be reused

I am using a popup to create a record.  I have some conditional rendering turned on based on a picklist value.  Everything is working well.  When I save the record in the pop up I am using the action framework to save the model, query the models to update the lists without refreshing and close the pop up.  Everything is working well except If I click on the popup again the data is still filled in with the information I had just saved.  How do I get the popup to reset so it is clean and ready to be filled out again.  It seems like I have seen this talked about somewhere and it was easy.  I just can’t put my finger on it.  Thank you in advance.

Weeeeee!!! I refer to myself and others when I’m having fun.

1. Create a model just for creating the new record. Use the following advanced settings.

2. In order to create a new row every time you show the popup take the following actions.


var you = daMan

For those following at home, I would suggest that skuid add a chechbox on models with an option like “clear values when requeried” or “clear values after save”. This issue is clearly affecting a lot of users and the whole “data entry model” thingy is slightly un-intuitive (not what I expect from skuidified people). I would suggest that there also be an option for the Type of model added to the picklist to be of Type “Basic”, “Aggregate” or “Data Entry”.

Thanks for the reccomendation Moshe.  I’ve been working on data entry models this week too and run into similar problems.  Suggestion taken under advisement.