clear old values of picklist every time it will render


I have implemented custom rendering functionality on a custom picklist.

Please find attached screen shot.


There are three picklists A, B, C.

Whenever values of A & B will be changed, different values of C will be displayed.

Issue: Suppose user will select values in picklist A and B, and on basis of that user select value on picklist C.

But before saving user want to change value of Picklist B , thus picklist C values should be rendered again and should display different values.

But it is showing previous selected value and new rendered values.

Means picklistentries is not being refreshed properly.

I have attached few screen shot regarding this issue, Please help as it is urgent.

Attached is snippet

Through this snippet , i am getting values in picklist entries

var element = arguments[0],value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]),$ = skuid.$;

//Get Lead model information
var leadmodel = skuid.model.getModel(“Lead”);

//Fetch first row of Lead info.  
var raw= leadmodel.getFirstRow();  
// Get Matter type field value  
var MatterType=raw.Matter\_Type\_\_c;  
var Attorney=raw.Attorney\_\_c;  
// Get WLG office field value  
var wlgoffice=raw.WLG\_Office\_\_c;  
// Perform query on salesforce object on basis of Matter type and WLG office on Lead  
var result = sforce.connection.query("SELECT Name,Attorney\_\_c,Matter\_Type\_\_c,Wlg\_Office\_\_c,Attornies\_\_c,Id FROM Consulting\_Attorney\_\_c where Matter\_Type\_\_c ='"+MatterType+"'AND Wlg\_Office\_\_c ='"+wlgoffice+"'");   
var Att = result.getArray("records");  
if(Att.length!==0 && Att[0].Attornies\_\_c!==null)  

var array = Att[0].Attornies__c.split(’,’);
var records = array.toString().replace(/,/g , “’,’”);

// Fetch Salesforce users informations
var result1 = sforce.connection.query(“SELECT name FROM user WHERE Id in (’”+records+"’)");
var Users = result1.getArray(“records”);

// Create a array for Custom Picklist  

var picklistEntries = ;

picklistEntries = element.metadata.picklistEntries;  

// if you don’t do this, then the “real” values are already in the picklist and the code below will add duplicate values

picklistEntries.length = 0;

    for(var a=0;a<users.length>            picklistEntries.push( { value:Users[a].Name , label:Users[a].Name, defaultValue: false, active: true  });


Through below snippet i am rendering PIcklist C every time Picklist A and B will change (Through Model action)

var params = arguments[0];

 var model = params.model;

var $ = skuid.$;

// Loop through this model’s registered fields


//  If this is the row that was updated, loop through the fields to find the one we want

if ( === 'Attorney__c') {        




Thanks in advance



Try adding a Model Action that runs your snippet every time field A or B is changed.



Thanks, Bill.

I have created a model action which is updating Picklsit C value by --None-- and behind the scene(in Salesforce)

I have made that picklist required.

Thank you again.