Clarification needed on Skuid 10.0.0 release notes related to lockerservice and calling apex

The skuid 10.0.0 developer guide has a statement that I need additional clarification on. Here is the link for the document, and the section I am referring to is at the bottom of the page:

It states: 
"Also note that, if you’ve implemented server-side behaviors with Apex code in custom components, these behaviors will no longer be possible within LockerService.


This applies to both in-line resources and static resources."

Does this mean that we will not be able to make apex calls from skuid pages in skuid 10.0.0? I am not certain if this is applicable only to lightning components OR also applies to standard skuid pages?

On May 24, 2017 Skuid is made compatible with Salesforce LockerService if you’re using 10.0 and up.

Please be advised to minimize any issues we recommend you review the Release Notes prior to installing this update as changes have been made in support of LockerService that may impact custom JavaScript code that you have written in Skuid Pages. If you have not written any custom JavaScript code in your Skuid Pages, you should not need to make any significant changes. Again we’d like to urge you to please review the Release Notes for guidance on any changes that may be required to install this release. We’d also like to remind you it’s always a best practice to test all of your Skuid pages in a sandbox org prior to deployment of a Skuid release to a production org.

In addition to the Release Notes that will be located here:,
additional documentation regarding new features in this release can be found at:
You can optionally validate your code for use within the LockerService security architecture by using the Salesforce provided tool located here:



This is applicable only to Skuid pages within Lightning (either through a Lightning component or through the Skuid page component). You can make apex calls from Skuid 10.0.0, but only if you are in classic Salesforce / Visualforce runtime. 

Thanks Amy for the update!

Amy, what happens if we do move to lightning?  Today we are on Classic.  But we are considering moving to lightning at some point in the future.

Do you mean what happens to Skuid pages that call Apex if you move from Classic to Lightning? In that case, you’d need to include your Skuid pages in the Lightning app through a Visualforce tab instead of through a Lightning App Builder page / tab to insure that your Apex works (that’s what I meant by in Visualforce runtime, though I could have made it more clear). However, we are investigating how we can add this functionality for the Skuid page component in Lightning runtime (from Skuid pages included in a Lightning App Builder page through the Skuid page component) so that you can call Apex from them. Let me know if that wasn’t actually your question or if you have any other questions!