Chrome Virtual Keyboard does not work on skuid pages


I installed Chrome Virtual Keyboard on my windows desktop and found that it does not work on any of the skuid pages, where as it works well on Salesforce pages.

We thought this would be great feature to leverage on our business process and it would help our users as well. 

Is there anyway we can enable virtual keyboard on skuid pages?

What kind of salesforce environment are you running this in? 

On any Salesforce page for instance, if we try to create Account or Contact, the virtual Keyboard automatically opens up to enter values into the fields. It works on any input fields like text, number, email, phone and so on. But on Skuid pages the virtual keyboard is not enabled. On Field Editor or creating new record through skuid pages or anything as such. 

What I meant was:  What device,  What browser,  SF1 app or standard aloha website. 


I installed Chrome Virtual Keyboard on my Desktop, Windows 7 and in Chrome browser (version 43.0)… I am not using SF1, it is on Standard Salesforce page (no matter Sandbox org or production org, virtual keyboard appears everywhere). What do you mean by aloha website?

I am sending you the screen shot on

We are not going to support these plugins.   Sorry

Improved accessibility is one of the targets we have on our list and I know that Salesforce has done a lot in this arena.  What you are experiencing may be a symptom of that.