Child Relationship template field disappearing after table search


I have a ‘Customer’ as a master and ‘Alias’ as a child object. I need to display these Customer records along with their aliases in a table.I have created a child relationship template field of aliases and added that to the table. Seems to work great! :slight_smile:

However, after using a table search box, it does not display aliases. Not sure what I am missing…Please help!


You may want to add the Id field to the table.  Then run your search again and verify that the Id’s of the 2 rows you are looking at are the same.  This will rule out that you have 2 rows with the same test data except for their aliases.  This has ‘bitten’ me before when starting something new.

Let us know how it goes.



Thank you, Bill. I tried adding Ids but no luck so far. It seems to work fine before search. Looks like, after applying a search those fields are not rendered back on screen until a page refresh happens. Clearing out search box does not seem to help even if empty search behavior is set to re-query the model. 

Hi Rupali, it looks like this is a regression introduced in Update 7. We’ll get a patch out for this as soon as possible. I’m guessing early next week. I’ll let you know if I find any workarounds before then.

Thank you, Ben. 

Fix should actually be out tomorrow.

Great! :slight_smile: Thank you so much. Appreciate it and looking forward to it. 

Banzai Update 7.2 is on the page and should fix this issue.

That was prompt! Thank you. :slight_smile: