Chicago Early Access Testing - Guidelines and Resources

  1. Thank you for participating in the Skuid Chicago Early Access release - here's an updated version of the post that went out with the Boston release in 2020.

    Here are a few resources and guidelines to help you as you get into the release, which has now been pushed to most participants’ orgs. If you do the following when testing, it will greatly help us in preparing for GA.

    Build in V2. We’ve continued to add more features and bug fixes to V2, and it’s better than ever. Let us know what’s good, what’s missing, what you’d like to see improved.

  2. Test in Lightning. Sometimes there are issues that only show up once you’ve put a Skuid page in a Lightning page and viewed it in the Lightning Experience. We want Skuid in Lightning to be stable and performant.
  3. Build on standard objects/fields wherever possible - this makes it a lot easier to copy, paste and repro when we do bug fixes.
  4. If you can, start by testing the two biggest features of this release: the migration process and the new calendar component.

Chicago release notes draft: