Chatter related to one specific model row in tables?


I’ve got multiple areas in my pages where I would like to show the chatter feed for different rows in a table either through popups or drawers. Would anyone know how I can do that so that it shows the chatter for the row in context and not just the first model row? Also i have developed my own UI so would like it to appear as it does in Skuid not Salesforce.

You can do this by having a Row Action that calls a pop up.
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I personally use a Page Include in the popup. I use a page include because I can easily reuse the page in other pages for that object without having to recreate it.
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You pass the ID of the record to the page include using the query string. id={{Id}}
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The page include has 1 model (the model of the object you are trying to see chatter on i.e. Account etc.). The model has a condition set to Id= (param)id the id page parameters and is set to always on. This allows the model to grab only the record you sent to it.
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I create a Page TItle on the page.
I create a Page Template on the page.
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The template has this information in it:

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That’s it. When you click on the icon on your main page a pop up will show up that shows that objects chatter feed. Here is the XML code for my Client Page Include Chatter Feed (Client is Account in my ORG).

{{Name}} {{Model.label}}

You are brilliant!!! Thanks so much, it worked like a charm!