Chatter Notifications

With Salesforce standard record detail page, when a user receives a Chatter email notification when they have been @mentioned in a record, when they click View/Comment button from the email, Salesforce opens the post on the record with comment section open for the to add their comments. I have noticed with Skuid detail pages users are directed to the detail page then the have to scroll thought the Chatter feed to find the post. 

Does anyone knows if there is a way to direct the user to the specific comment instead of just the detail page?

Is this possible with Skuid?

I’m not sure there will be a way to get this done.   The problem is twofold.  First Salesforce generates the Email that is sent to your user, and it has no knowledge of Skuid.  It would at least need to include a parameter to expose the correct tab in the detail page where Chatter is exposed. 

Seocndly - because we are using the Chatter VF component,  we are very limited in what can be passed in there.  Again the item ID stays in the URL as it goes through the Redirect process,  but the underlying page does not know to pass it into the chatter component and move to the correct post. 


Thank you Rob.

There is something interesting going on in these links. Check this out.
Here’s the link as it is found in the email.;s1oid=00D90000000ZekB&amp;s1nid=000000000000000&amp;s1uid=00590000000ZuH0&amp;s1ext=0&amp;emkind=chatterUserDigest&amp;<b>emtm=1425307026933</b>&amp;OpenCommentForEdit=1

I bolded emtm=1425307026933 as I think this is the key to getting this functionality worked into Skuid.

Here is the URL after being processed.;emtm=1425307026933&amp;fId=0D59000001C17bU&amp;fromEmail=1&amp;id=0019000000DiIzB&amp;OpenCommentForEdit=1&amp;s1ext=0&amp;s1nid=000000000000000&amp;s1oid=00D90000000ZekB&amp;s1uid=00590000000ZuH0&amp;sfdc.override=1&amp;actiontype=View&amp;objecttype=Account

Of course there is a whole lot of additional parameters, but there is one of note. fId=0D59000001C17bU

This is the ID of the DIV of the post that is mentioned in the email. There is some processing that seems to happen server side by Salesforce to take emtm=1425307026933 to insert fId=0D59000001C17bU into the URL. Maybe not, but I doubt it as it’s the only parameters left in the original URL after discovering the others are the org ID and user ID.

Take this along with OpenCommentForEdit=1 and a little elbow grease and you have what you need to enable this functionality.

Great Sleuthing Pat.  However I think the elbow grease happens in Salesforce server side processing and I’m not sure there will be any way for Skuid to effect a different outcome here.  Chatter is somthing of a black box… 

That’s what I’m saying. I don’t think we need any more information in order to facilitate this functionality. It’s all there in the URL. Chatter, like everything else, is build of DOM elements. There is an id for the message that needs to be jumped to.

I guess I’m saying "What am I missing in order to auto-navigate to the message and set the focus on the Comment box?"

The only assumption is that the Chatter component is on the page on page load. I wouldn’t expect this to work if the Chatter was on a tab, or popup, or drawer, etc, etc on page load.


I’m fairly certain this can be done, but I’m not a jquery select guru to know for sure. Anyone able to confirm whether or not this is possible?


I’m fairly certain this can be done, but I’m not a jquery select guru to know for sure. Anyone able to confirm whether or not this is possible?

Pat, just perusing old chatter posts. 2 years of jquery later do you think this can be done?