Chatter files in attachments table?

New Skuid user here! When users attach a file with chatter on a normal salesforce record, it automatically gets added to the attachments related list on that record. On the Skuid detail page I just created that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am struggling to get chatter files to show up in the attachments table I created, or even in a separate table I was testing out just for chatter files. 


Ok I got the chatter files showing up in their own table using the contentdocumentlink object. But if there is any way to get them showing up in a table with regular attachments that would be great. 

Unfortuantely a table can only be bound to one object.  The salesforce objects that combined multiple items (Notes and Attachments,  Activites, etc)  are not generally queryable.  This means that you are pretty much stuck with one table each for Attachments,  Chatter Files,  Notes etc. 

Sorry - there is not a way around this.