Chatter Feed on Case does not contain Email action

Just came across this today. We found that we needed 2 things for the Send Email button to show:
Email to case needs to be enabled
“Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items” need to be selected in the support settings (set up> Customize> Cases> Support Settings).
Hope it helps

Just stumbled upon this today. I faced the same issue and no matter what I tried I was not able to see the “Email” option. In one of the previous comments it was mentioned that you have to check the App Permissions, in that case also check your System Permissions.

The steps that I followed:

  1. Create a permission set to use case feed
  2. Check the App permissions
  3. Check the System permissions
    a) Enable “Allow Access to Customized Actions”, “Edit Tasks”, “Send Email” under system permissions and click Save.

That’s it! You will now be able to see the Email Action on the case feed.

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