Chatter Feed on Case does not contain Email action

I added the Chatter Feed Component to my Skuid page for Cases.  And on my Salesforce page layout, I have the email action in the Quick Actions area so users can easily send emails from the case using their templates right within the case feed.  

Is this a defect or something intentional? if it is not a bug, are there plans to support this in a Skuid page soon? We would love to use a Skuid page for our Case object, but having this Email within the Feed functionality is kind of a deal breaker for us.

Any suggestions for how to handle this are appreciated!

Hi Rebecca,  

Did you find a solution for this issue?  I am investing this for a project.


Hey Neville! No, I haven’t heard of a solution.  Maybe we can circle back with Rob and see if there have been any enhancements in this area?

Hi, Rebecca and Neville, I have a hunch that we haven’t included quick actions yet because there is something tricky about them, or they’re not exposed.

However, it sounds like it might not be to hard to replicate this with a page title action in Skuid - you could do a redirect to the Salesforce email page for that lead, but then I suppose that would defeat the purpose of not having to leave the page.  

Something I’ve been doing a lot of lately for our own crm is creating a new task popup where users can enter the Subject & Description of an email and click a “Send in Gmail” button that saves the task and opens Gmail in a new tab, populating the email address, subject, and body (from the description).  But then you don’t get to use your templates… Hmmm…

I’ll check on this and let you know what I find out. In the meantime, let me know if this has triggered any ideas for you.

thanks Anna - the email action embedded within the feed view of a case is a key feature for the Support users.  We wanted to replace all of the record types with a Skuid page using conditional rendering, but it will have to have an email component embedded to be an effective Skuid page. let us know what you find out!

Hi Rebecca,

Skuid does have support for custom actions in the Skuid Chatter component:

You can even surface a Skuid page within a quick action dropdown:

For this to work, though, the Skuid Chatter component needs to be configured correctly and the page layout must be deployed to your target users. Can you confirm that the Skuid Chatter component has been setup on the correct Model?

Skuid gets a record Id from the Model and passes it along to Salesforce’s Chatter component. It’s up to the Salesforce Chatter component to determine the user’s profile and page layout and then render the appropriate quick actions.

There may be some additional requirements. I’ll do some more research, but getting a baseline for your setup (particularly on the Skuid page) would be helpful for diagnosing why you can’t see the quick action.


I’ve got a some additional information, and unfortunately the short answer is that you are correct: the send email function is not supported.

The reason is that Salesforce has an entirely separate component for the Case feed. Currently, Skuid only supports the standard Chatter feed component, which is why the email quick action isn’t appearing for you.

It might be possible to solve this problem with an iframe, but obviously that’s not a Skuid solution as much as a pretty standard HTML solution.

Sorry for the initial misleading answer, but we’ll update this post if and when support for the Case feed is added.

Rebecca, are your users using the Service Cloud Console view, or standard layouts?

The “Send Email” quick action should show up in the Chatter Feed component for a Case record if:

(a) The “Send Email” action has been added to the Page Layout assigned to the Record Type of the Case that you’re viewing in Skuid
(b) The Skuid Chatter Feed component is configured this way:
Feed Type = Feed for Model’s First Row
Model = (Case Model)

Here is an example of the Send Email action in a Skuid Case detail page’s Chatter Feed:

so i haven’t actually checked on this since back in July when i posted it.  the Email Action was selected for the Feed Actions then but didn’t show up when we added Chatter to the Skuid page.  Unfortunately, I don’t work at CareerBuilder anymore so I don’t have access to try it out there!  But maybe Neville can check for us and see if that will work.  But Zach, that is exactly what i was hoping would be supported now. so thank you!!

First, thanks for the responses, I feel that we are getting closer to a resolution.  

I verified that we using the Service Cloud Console view.  Let me know if I need to provide more details.

Thanks again to everyone.

I got the solution!  First requirement is to build a custom action on the case object through the “Buttons, Links, and Actions” option with the action type of “Send Email”.    From there, just add the custom action to the layout.  That’s it!

Thanks for following up with the solution, Neville!

For other’s benefit, there is a difference between the Quick Action type of “Send Email”, which is available to add to the layouts of any object type, and a special Case-Feed specific “Email” action which has a more robust email editor which, among other options, lets you select an Email Template to use as the base for your email. This Action type appears to be limited to Feed-based Page Layouts, which are only available on the Case object. In certain circumstances this Quick Action is available to add to the Quick Actions publisher for a Case Page Layout, but if it’s not, the workaround is to use a Custom Visualforce Quick Action, which shows a Visualforce Page that contains the component, which replicates the functionality of the “Email” Quick Action which may not be available (and which is, confusingly, different from the “Send Email” Quick Action type which you can use to add your own “Send Email” actions).

Here is an example of what the Visualforce Page would look like to allow you to create a Custom Visualforce Quick Action:

NOTE: This will only work for the Case object. To get it to work with other objects, you’ll need to adjust the Visualforce Page code above.

This will produce something like the following:

I too am unable to see the Email Quick Action on the Chatter Feed of a Case in SFDC.  My head is flat from hitting the wall. This is not a question related to Skuid, but I am trying to satisfy a business need to send a “Welcome” email to new clients of our tool, preferably as a Publisher Action.  Was Rebecca’s initial question the result of a bug in SFDC?  Thanks in advance.

Are you looking at this Case in the Service Cloud Console, or in standard layout view?

Standard Layout view, Zach.

Rob, just to confirm, did you create a new “Send Email” Quick Action on the Case object, and then drag this Quick Action into the object-specific Publisher Actions area in your Case Page Layouts?

Zach:  (a) my attempt to create a new Send Email action was met with this err - “Error: MISSING LABEL PropertyFile - val SendEmailDisabled not found in section QuickActionDefinitionMessages”.  So consequently, I (b) dragged the standard Send Email Quick Action, onto the Publisher section of the Case Layout.  I see it clearly on the layout editor, but not when I save the layout.

Yikes, that’s an ugly error message - you might want to contact Salesforce Support with the content of that error message. Do you see the Send Email action on standard Case layout view? 
I saw this about having to have Lightning Experience enabled in order to use Send Email, but I’m not sure if that’s really true: