Chatter feed not showing up on Skuid Page

I have create a page to view a record and added the Chatter Feed component to the page but Chatter does not show up when viewing the page. Any suggestions?

All - Please disregard.   I just realized I did not have Chatter enabled for the object in Salesforce.

Thank you. 

Which object have you set for the Chatter Feed Component? Does it end with “__Feed” or “__c”?

Don’t worry.  We’ve all done it!  Glad you quickly realized what was going on.  (GRIN)

Hi Pat,

It seems to be working now but to answer your question, the feed is associated with the UserAccountManagement model which is associated with the User_Account_Management__c SObject.   I did not have field tracking enabled for the User_Account_Management__c object.  When I enable field tracking, the ‘Show Feed’ / ‘Hide Feed’ option showed on the Skuid page as expected.