Chatter Feed in popup?

Is it possible to include a Chatter Feed in a popup? When I select my popup in the page builder, the Chatter Feed component disappears, so I suspect it can’t be done. Doesn’t stop me wanting it, of course.

The one way to do it right now involves the Template Component and an iFrame: 1. Create your Action of type Popup — it can be a PageTitle Action, Table Row Action, etc. 2. Drag a Template Component into your Popup, and use merge syntax to pull in the skuid__Social Visualforce Page in context of the record you want to see a Chatter Feed for: The main limitation on this strategy is that the iFrame has to have a fixed height, so if you want to show a lot of Feed, you’ll have to have a really big height attribute, and height can’t be a percentage or auto-scroll, unfortunately. Here’s an example letting you show Chatter for Accounts from a Table on Accounts:

That looks pretty good. I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

I nearly have this working, but not quite. My use case is that I have a table of tasks (using the standard Task object) and I have a row action to open the popup. The Chatter Feed displays, but not in the context of the selected task, so I get one feed for every task in the table. I see that the Social Visualforce page reads $ Does the row action pass the selected task Id into that somehow? (To be clear, the popup itself gets the context of the row just fine, as I have a field editor that is correctly rendering just the once.)

Two ?'s: 1. what Skuid version are you on? The Template Component did not properly interpret popup “context” until Skuid 3.18+. Latest Skuid version, the “mobile beta”, is 3.20, and the Template Component properly handles popup context now. 2. Can you post the XML for you popup component, or for your page?

This is in our “production” org, which is on v3.15. So it sounds like this rightly doesn’t work for now. I’ve shared the full page code here: Dropbox - Error Thanks.

The solution Zach proposes above is now not necessary.  There is a simpler way.  You can now create a page include in a popup,  where you can put a Chatter Feed component.  See here:

How can I get this to work in Communities? I tried cloning the skuid__Social page but it’s not letting me due to the controller skuid.Social.

The newer method isn’t working for me:

Nevermind! I forgot to include {{$Site.Prefix}}