Chat in Collaboration Feature

I love the that the Rockaway release has this collaboration feature. It would be a cool idea if you can do chat with other users that are collaborating on the same page.

Maybe make chat useable by any user on any Skuid page… Salesforce chat can’t be used unless Salesforce header is visible so a Skuid Chat would be a nice feature…

Good point.

 I’d imagine the feature would allow you to chat across any Skuid page or for a particular Skuid page. I see it similar to how Google Docs has a chat feature integrated for collaboration.


I like your thinking…I know I was hoping that Skuid would expose the API they use for the notifications.  Imagine letting other users know when someone is viewing the same record.



Hey Bill -  

I haven’t seen the collaboration stuff live yet but I had a similar thought when seeing the release notes - leveraging it to give visibility to not just “Skuid” records but all records.

In the application I’m building, I’ve actually built something like this - users who are viewing a record get notified when someone else edits the record they are viewing.  This, in turn, disables any further edits and essentially forces the user to refresh.  To be honest, it’s not the most elegant solution (I built it when I was first learning SFDC and before platform caching, etc. features were added) but it gets the job done.

I have plans for a v2 of what I’ve built but I’d love to see a collaboration API exposed by Skuid - lots of great use cases for this and I would be able to focus on application features instead of infrastructure features :slight_smile:

Clever idea. I’m sure there’s some open source solutions for this. +1

Hi Joseph~

That’s a great idea! I’ll let our team know so we can consider it for a future release.