Charts: scroll through dates on category axes

In the case where the category axes on a chart is a date or datetime, it would be awesome to set ranges for the category axes, and then be able to scroll/click through next and previous periods.

For example, if the granularity is Day, it would be nice to see one weeks worth of data at a time, and then have buttons to see the previous week or next week.

Perhaps this can already be done with conditions on the model and some javacript?
Or maybe using a blank table on the model with a date filter? Although that option wouldn’t include a previous/next, it would allow the user to set a date range.

I definitely like your idea of scrollable periods for charts.  But I’m sure our devs are just rolling thier eyes at us… 

OTOH.  It seems feasible to repurpose this thread about moving dates forward and backward with buttons to achieve some of what you want.

This tool provides buttons that adjust the model,  which would force the chart to refresh with the appropriate data.   It would probably be pretty slick… 

Yeah, I’ve already implemented something similar with Pat’s help in the mobile builder. It just seemed like a common-enough functionality that it could make it on the long-term dev list. Thanks!