Charts on click issue: action framework using only first row in series. Bug + fix!

This is a bug similar in nature to this one posted by Roman Melnik many months ago. The fix is further below, and shown in the video.

I have a chart displaying some basic info as follows:

And Action framework setup such that when I click on a specific bar it applies filters to my model like so:

And then this happens:

The fix is to format the value being set on a condition in the following way:

{{{ **rows.0.** FIELDNAME}}}

That’s all! Hope it helps

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I’d like to see the documentation and UI updated to reflect this. There is little chance someone is going to be able to use much of the chart on-click capability if they happen to get to this post or one other one that talks to the fact that you get from the field picker doesn’t work in the action framework.

This doesn’t work:

This does work:

Additionally, I think a article solely dedicated to all available chart values would be tremendously helpful.

Glad we found a workaround to this, but agreed that it should work properly by default from the field picker.

And +1 support for having a help article dedicated to chart values, like the Merge Variables page:

^^^ bumping for this suggestion by Roman to be done ^^^

Roman & Pat~

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve sent this request for more info about chart values over to our documentation team as something to add to our current documentation.