Charts: Issue with Multiple Series and Stacking with split type

Hi I’ve been pulling my hair to get this to work since yesterday, but now i give up and need help lol

I created a chart with 3 series from same model , each a SUM of a different data fields and all 3 with same category (statement’s Month)

It works fine until I try to add a split field and turn stack series option"on" on all 3 series (all 3 have same Split field)

When i add split field on all 3, i only see 1 serie now and not even split/stacked as expected

What happens to the stacking and other 2 series?

Even if turn off Stack Series option, same results.

Here’s a sample of one of the serie in case I did something wrong:

Kind of lost at this point and would appreciate any help


I think your series are hiding each other. Click on the legend of whatever series you see (WESTERN BANK, if I’m seeing the colors correctly), and perhaps you’ll see the next smallest series show up?

That doesn’t help solve, but at least it might reveal the problem.

I don’t think splitting multiple series works the way that you want it to.

Yes correct, it is being hidden. I had noticed that earlier, but was not understanding why it was happening. Was hoping it was just a setup mistake…

So multiple series and Stacking do not play nice with each other i guess?

As far as you or anyone else are aware, would you know if there is any way to be able to see exactly like the 1st SS, with those 3 columns being split by “bank name” ?

Thank you.

You could try to use the field that you currently have for the three different series as a second category axis, and then have one series split by bank name and stacked. I think that would get you close to the look you want.