Charts: drilldown to two pies?

Is it possible to drilldown from one chart into two side-by-side charts?  In my current example, I am working with pie charts.  I would like to be able to click a segment of a pie in chart 1 and show two pies (each with a different series) side by side for the IDs in the chart 1 segment clicked.  In this example, all three charts are for the same model based on the Contact object and each chart has an aggregate function to count contact records.  Pie chart 1 is counting Contacts, split on a UI-only formula field indicating whether the contact is new for the reporting period.  Ideally, clicking on the segment for new contacts in chart 1 would show two (or more) pie charts at once, each displaying a different demographic category for the new contacts, e.g., gender (as pie chart 2) and language (as pie chart 3).

I have a few workaround ideas including having two versions of chart 1, drilling down to either chart 2 or 3 respectively, but that requires clicking on the same segment in each version of pie 1 and could get weird from a user perspective, especially if I added more categories/pies.  I know how to go from charts 1 to 2 to 3 in sequence, but would like to display 2 & 3 at once.

I think I could achieve something like this with model filtering, but I am hoping to just use drilldowns, as the model is referenced in additional components elsewhere on the page.

Thanks for any help!

You could have your click action open a popup instead of a drilldown and put your charts in there?


Another alternative would be to use a UI only field to conditionally render the charts. You could add an on-click action that would hide the original chart and render the 2 “secondary” charts.

I would be happy to further explain if you need more assistance.

Thank you, Matt and Clark!  Finally got a chance to come back to this.  I might be missing something, but it seems like neither of your solutions allows for a context condition, whereas a drilldown does.

Popups have context… If you drop a chart in a popup doesn’t it have a Context tab in it’s properties?

You may have to play with using additional models with setting conditions and performing queries before the popup so that you ensure the right context.