Chart to Display Amount in Selected Currency

I have added a Chart to a Skuid page. One of the field displayed in the chart is a currency field. We are a Multi Currency org, I have noticed that the currency field in the chart is being shown as default currency but without convention.

Does anyone know what I should do to resolve this? I would like to the currency to be converted or shown in its original value. Thanks


I have not worked with Multi-Currency orgs, but I can think of a few things you can try.  Is there a field the designates the currency ‘type’ (i.e. USD, EU; etc.)?  Try including this field in the model for your chart.  In your definition for your Axis, you may need to change it to Template field type and display both the currency value and the currency type.  Barring those changes, the only other thing I can have you try is a before render snippet on the chart.  With JavaScript you can control everything about the chart.



Andrew.  We know that charts don’t work well with Multi-Currency orgs.  This issue is being fixed and will be released with our next major release.   Sorry about that. 

Was this resolved?  We are preparing to move to a multi-currency org and Skuid chart behavior was on our list of things to investigate.

This was resolved in the previous release. Thanks