Chart Onclick apply filter on table/Model (Refresh Table)


I want to use Chat on click to filter/refresh a table that will show according to chat area on which i clicked.
I am using onclick feature of chart for showing data in table according to the status that user click on chart.

Please check attached screen shot.

But i am always getting first value when i click on chart that are groubed by property status as a first value of property status.

Can you help me with this?

Let suppose we have a property object that status can have this values:

1.) Premarkeing
2.) Sale Pending
3.) Listed.

So i created a dashboard that use aggregate model to show count by property status.

So now what i want that in chart when i click on “PremarkeingPremarkeing” status then in below chart there is a table that show property records as Premarketing and when i click on “Sale Pending” then it will show property as “Sale pending” only.

To Achive that requirement i used Chart Searies action for activate Properties model condition and requery that model.

But when i am clicking on “Sale Pending” area in chart then still its always passing “Premarkeing”.


Can you try using {{$}} instead of {{{propertyStatus}}} for your value? See this post for more details on the $Chart merge variable, which can be used to get access to the Chart segment / point that was clicked on during Chart on-click actions:

Zach.  I don’t think $ works on pie charts.  But {{rows.0.fieldname}} does… 

Hi Zach/Rob,

Yes {{rows.0.fieldname}} worked.

Thank you