Chart not displayed in Skuid Page

I have configured a chart on a Skuid page. The inputs of the chart is a table which is also on the same page. I can see the chart and its parameters when the page is open in edit mode but can’t see the chart in preview or when an instance of the page is opened. There is no conditionally rendering on the chart.  How can I solve this problem?


We don’t have enough info to help you. Can you send screenshots or a video?

Hi Matt,

I work with Namrata, please find the screenshots attached.

Scorecard Page (can’t see the chart)

Edit Scorecard (can see chart)

Namrata or Reshub~

With the chart selected, can you include a screenshot of what you have in the Advanced and Rendering tabs of the properties section?


Hi Karen,

I have sent you the screenshots of Advanced and Rendering tabs. Please let me know if there is any other information that might be useful for finding a solution to this problem.

Thanks for your help

Hi Karen and Matt,

Eagerly looking forward to your reply. Thanks!


Reshub and Namrata~

The chart displayed in the editor does not represent the chart that is actually rendered at runtime as the one in the editor does not pull actual data into the builder. Can you add a table to the page that is based on the same model as the chart so we can see what data the chart should be showing?