Chart Max Value not working

Here is my setup:

Here is my chart:

Notice that the max value on the Rate axis is 1.5, not 1. If I check “Integers Only”, I get a Rate axis that goes from 0 to 3.

It may be important to note that I’m using this before render snippet to create the series which uses the Rate axis (thanks, Moshe!):

var chartObj = arguments[0], $ = skuid.$,<br>Appts = chartObj.series[0].data,<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Comp = chartObj.series[1].data,<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Shows = [];&nbsp;<br>for (var i = 0; i &lt; Appts.length; i++){<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Shows.push(Comp[i] / Appts[i]);<br>}<br>var newSeries = {<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; name: 'Show Rate',<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; data: Shows,<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; type: 'line',<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; yAxis: 'rateaxis'<br>};<br>var n = chartObj.series.length;<br>chartObj.series[n] = newSeries;

When I check the chartObj in the console, the max is still set to 1.

Any idea what’s going on here?


But we are really not sure why the hi-charts API would be ignoring the max in this case. Your snippett certainly doesn’t seem to be incorrect. It must be something deeper in their product than we can tell.  When we pull data from Skuid models in charts that is equal or exceeds the max we don’t get the same results. I’m not sure we know what is going on here.