Chart In Skuid is not Dynamic

Hi I’m Facing a problem while bringing a chart to the layout in skuid. The chart is not appearing dynamic based on the value provided. The y Axis is becoming fixed at a particular value and thus charts with smaller values are appering like the picture attached

Have you seen our documentation regarding charts?

Can you provide information regarding your current setup which has given you what you’re seeing above?

Hi Stephen
We have basically introduced an object in the chart 
1) we have created 1 data axes and 6 category axes
2) we have created 6 series where the category axes is 6 different category axes created, category field in all the 6 series is Date_Range__c which is a text field, data fields in all the 6 series are different number fields
3) The first issue that we are getting is that the chart is not becoming dynamic. It’s keeping the minimum and maximum value provided in the data axes
4) The second issue is that for each series that we are adding to the chart the one extra row is being added in the x axis of the chart.(Please Refer the picture)