Chart Dates mixed up if introduce a New Data Set

I have a Chart with multiple series. Some of the data in the series is over different periods. For instance one set just started in August and the other set started in April and goes through August. In some Chart combinations the category axes (which is Date). Starts in August with the new data set and then connects into the April to July data set. I.E. August 2017, April 2017, May June Jul. In other Charts the same data graphs correctly. April, May, June, July, August

Here are the two charts. The similar data set is “Exceeded recommended Calories.” Notice in the top graph the dates are in order. The chart automatically enters 0 for the missing records. In the bottom graph the months are out of order as it shows the smaller August data set first and then chart the other data sets…

Can you help me determine how I can always keep the dates in order? I am assuming it is the order the series are rendering. If the data set that started in August renders before another I get dates out of order.


You can arrange the model in Ascending and Descending order if you should choose. Have you seen this tutorial?

Charts can be pretty tricky. I remember a $100 offer last time I tried to tackle one. Can you share your setup? In classic beggar fashion: can I ask that it be in standard objects with standard fields?