Changing the color of text from field in edit mode VIA CSS


I’m trying to change the color of the text from only a couple specific fields , which are mostly in Edit mode by default…
I created a CSS with guideline found in community… and am not able to make it work

Here what i thought should have work:

.nx-fieldtext {

And ofc added the name in th css class on field I need to change color on.

But it did not work

I’ve even followed the examples here: using the inspect element.

I’m a noob when it comes to that, but it seems pretty straightforward
this is the element styles when i click on specified field trying to apply this css

If i change the color on it directly (the green color is default from theme) or use the following , as seen on console, directly in css class:
.nx-field input, .nx-field textarea, .nx-field .nx-richtext-input {

The color is applied to All my large text fields

Can anyone point me in the right direction pls?


Dave,   We are all noobs around here…  Don’t worry. 

Not sure I totally understand,  what you are trying to do.  But if you want to target the text showin in the edit mode version of the field - you’ll want to build your css around the “input” tag.

So here is something I did:  I added the css class “greenText” to a field editor and then added this css rule.

.greenText input {    color: green;  }

And the field editor looked like this: 


Thank you Rob, yes as u said, I’m trying to change the color of text from field in edit mode

I just copied your exact code, put it in a css class (inline) -Just changed the color to red

I put in the field the CSS class name: greenText (tried as well to do it on field Editor instead of specific field)

But still did not work, the text is not red :frowning:

The field is still shown in the default color I chose on Theme (green)

You could try this instead - might be worth a shot:

.greenText input {color: green !important;}<br>

Ty Louis, but unfortunately that did not work either :frowning:

If you set your Theme to default will it work then?

Hey Tami,

I did try that as well but did not work either.

If i use the code below,The color works, but on all All large text type of fields

.greenText .nx-field input, .nx-field textarea {

But still cannot get this to be applied on specific field

Try this to limit it to just fields with the greenText css class.

.greenText .nx-field input, .greenText .nx-field textarea {

the comma in your rule represents the start of a new selector.

Ty Ben, that worked perfectly :slight_smile: