Changing Model Name Makes Page Go White

I noticed a small bug when I was designing a new Home Page in which the preview would display just a white screen with no content. I narrowed it down to when I was changing the name of two models it would reproduce the bug. I saw similar issues had been noted on the community board but I hadn’t seen one specifically concerning changing Model names.

I have attached screenshots of the page working v.s. after changing the model name.

Finally, there was an error message in the Console I though I should add in here too. This isn’t really a huge problem right now because i’m just going to leave the model names as is; however, just felt it was important enough to bring to someones attention.

Hi Erik,

We are aware that there are some occasions where changing Model names may cause problems, we have resolved some of these in our most recent update to Skuid, Banzai Update 6 — if you install this newest version and try this again and still have these problems, please let us know.