Changing default picklist value to '-- None --'

I am trying to make a required field default to “–None–” on a Skuid page. It looks correct on the preview page, but when I proxy in as a user, the field defaults to the first picklist value. I confirmed that the default field/picklist value for the Record Type in Salesforce is “–None–”, that the “–None–” checkbox is checked for the Skuid pages, and that I made & saved a change on the Skuid page. What am I missing?

A few questions: 
- Does the user’s profile have update rights to this field?  (field level security)
- What does your VF page code look like that is processing the override? 

This should totally work… 

Unlikely I’m sure, but just in case, do you have Page Assignments setup, such that the other user might be seeing a different page than the one you’re editing?

Does this Picklist field have any Controlling fields?

@Rob - yes the user's profile does have update rights to the field.  I am looking into the VF page code to see if I can find anything.  At present, I do not see anything that would override the default value.

@Zach - Yes, we do have Page Assignments setup, but I ran a test to account for that (I removed the field and logged in as the user to confirm that the field no longer appeared on the page). There are no Controlling fields for this particular field.

Vahneed, does the user who you are proxying in as have API Access enabled? They will need that in order for Skuid to retrieve the Record Type picklist dependency metadata from Salesforce properly, this might explain why it fails for one user but not for you.