Changes you made may not be saved - no changes made though?

I’ve added a lightning component to a page on occasion when you haven’t even clicked it it tells you you have unsaved changes. Sometimes it even shows the message as the page is loading. 
I have one model that creates a new row automatically which is the main purpose of the page and allows the user to easily start creating the record, so I would like to keep this active if possible. 
I have double checked and nothing else creates a new row unless they click a button on the page/component. 

Hi Kendra, do you mean that you’ve added a Lightning Component inside of a Skuid page? If this is the case, this is not currently supported by Skuid as it can lead to some wonky behavior. If I misunderstood, can you paste your page XML here so we can see how it is configured?

Nope, sorry. I am using the skuid page as a component on a lightning page.

TEXT("Attn ")&amp;{{Name}} OR( AND({{SG_Total_Price__c}} &gt; 50, {{LastModifiedBy.Profile.Name}}!="Territory Manager"), AND({{SG_Total_Price__c}} &gt; 250, {{LastModifiedBy.Profile.Name}}="Territory Manager")) <condition type="modelmerge" value="" field="WhatId" fieldtargetobjects="Account,Asset,AssetRelationship,CRMfusionDBR101__Duplicate_Warning__c,Campaign,Case,ChannelProgram,ChannelProgramLevel,Contract,Contract_Line_Item__c,Contract_Request__c,ListEmail,Master_Question__c,New_Account_Request__c,Opportunity,PartnerFundAllocation,PartnerFundClaim,PartnerFundRequest,PartnerMarketingBudget,Product2,Quote,SG_Order_Line_Item__c,SG_Order__c,SG_Prototype__c,SG_Sample_Line_Item__c,SG_Sample__c,SLA_History__c,Solution,

Might be due to a Ui-Only field on the Model.

Thank you, Zach. How would this be only affected sometimes, even when someone hasn’t clicked into the component (skuid page) at all?