Changes made through mass edit not functioning

I’m having an issue with mass edits. 

I have a table to display contacts and I’ve gone in and changed a field through mass edit on about 200 contacts, clicked save but the changes are not taking affect.

Any reason why this might happen?

Is it a standard object you are trying to update? If so, care to share the XML?

Hi Pat,

It’s not a standard object. It’s on custom objects that we’ve added fields to. Perhaps I didn’t include those fields in search?

I’m guessing that some validation rule,  or required field rule,  or somthing like that is failing - and because its in a mass update situation its not letting you know. 

Can you update the field one at a time?   If so, my theory is junk. 

Are there javascript errors in the browser console? 

Lets get this fixed…