Changes in how Record Types are represented on a Model at page load

I’ve noticed some changes to how Record Type information is represented on a model when a page loads. This’ll be easier to explain with an example, so bear with me.

I have a page that presents the Record Type field of a model, using the picklist renderer so that the user can select the correct record type. Depending on the record type selected, an additional field may be presented (conditional rendering), and there’s also a button that picks up the name of the record type and puts it into a URL that’s behind a button - essentially we redirect to another page and pass in the selected record type’s name. The default record type is selected automatically.

In the previous version of Skuid we had installed, upon page load, if I was to go into the dev console and log the result of skuid.$M(“Model”).data[0].RecordType.Name I would get the name of the Record Type. RecordTypeId would have the ID of the record type, and there would also be a RecordType property on the row, which would hold the selected record type details according to what was on the model.

What’s happening now is that with the default, the RecordTypeId field on the model is set, but the RecordType property is not. Select a different value, and the RecordType property will then appear correctly against the model, and switch back to the default, and it will be there. Logic (such as the conditional rendering and the parameter in the URL) will work. But not without selecting something else, and then selecting it again.

I don’t think this behaviour is intended, hence my raising this here. This may appear really picky, and to be honest, it is an edge case, but we’ve had to break what was a nice UI flow for users and insert an extra step for them to perform. Not to mention it took a bit of trial and error to work around!

Hi Gary,

I was not able to reproduce this using Skuid 9.5.1. Are you still experiencing this problem? If so, what version of Skuid are you running? Without having to select a new record type, can you at least see skuid.$M(“Model”).data[0].RecordType?



I have same problem something similar to what Gary explained, we are using Skuid version 10.0.3.
Am creating a new record and i want to change the record type on the new record based on a picklist value user select, but after selecting the new picklist and updating the record type on the model using action framework I do not see other picklist fields on the page do not align with record type selected. But if we pass the record type as parameter during page load am able to see the picklist values of other fields align to record type provided(in this case I need to move the initial picklist selection which determine record type for the record out of the page)