Change the value shown in multi select list when 4 or more value are selected.

!( 4 inline.png “Image:\_images/1522977/RackMultipart20161214-84753-12oqph6-2016-12-14\_\_4\_\_inline.png?1481711718”)
Can we customize the multiselect picklist behavior to show all selected item instead of showing 7 selected?


The Multi-select Picklist renderer always switches to show “N items selected” when you have 4 or more items selected. This is not currently configurable through the Page Composer, but we are planning to make this configurable declaratively by the Q1 2017 Skuid release.



Was this deployed? I can’t find any feature that allows me to change the number in ‘selected’. Below is an example of the problem we are running into. We want to be able to change the parameter that requires 4 selections to 2 selections.

Please see this post: