Change the name of series in chart

I read the similar posts but any of them help me. I have chart that shows sum of signed contracts with regard to concrete partner. I have 4 series each of them is a number of quarter this year. As a result now I have only two active series. 

I try change the  name of series according to but it does not work for Q3 and Q4.

I suppose that I have to use Before Render Snippet but I do not know how to write it.

Could someone help me or give an alternative how to change name of series?

Best regards

Can you back up and explain why you have a separate series for each Quarter rather than using a single series categorized by quarter?  You can either do that categorization by using an aggregate model that is grouped by the Quarter function on a date field,  or by bringing in all your records and making the category field be a data field - and giving the granularity option of Quarter. 


This is just a guess, but is your model pulling in all records, or do you have a limit set? Charts only summarize the data currently in your model, so if you’re limiting the model to, say, 200 rows, those two quarters may just be absent from your data set. In the Skuid Page Composer, click on the model your chart is using, then the Advanced menu, and check the value of the Max # of records (Limit) parameter. Adding a table component to your page tied to the same model as your chart is an easy way to quickly view the data being summarized by your chart as well.