Change the language of inline Errors


How can I change the language of inline Error messages?

We have a german application. Custom labels are fine, however inline error messages seem to stay in english, even the User has it’s profile set to german.

When I checked the labels page, all the Skuid labels seem to be english only and I am not able to change them. The one I need isn’t even on the list.

Anyone knows a solution for that?

That would be very interesting to know, since it won’t be our last application we build in german.

I also came across another issue, where the user has the language set to german, but the picklist entries are still loaded in english on SalesForce standard objects (like Event, Account, Contact, etc…).

Any hints/advise is very much appreciated!

Ok, I found a workaround for that:

Go to the label detail-view and click on the button “New Local Translations/Overrides”. There you can enter your custom translation.

The only label I did not find was the one for “This Field is Required” and the problem with loading english picklist entries still persists…