Change sets blow up my master pages

Anyone know why my master pages get corrupted when I import them using changes sets. It isn’t the Master page itself, but all the child pages that use the master page blow up. I get error messages when I unpack them. Then they all revert back to regular pages and I can’t fix them so I have to delete them and recreate them by pasting XML. This was happening in version 7 and 8 too. Any tips would be helpful.

Yup. The child pages have a lookup to the parent page. Not sure the Master Page Id would be the same in the sandbox. You’d have to create a skuid page for the Page object with a table component. Then you could mass update the child pages and select the master page.

Thanks, Pat! That was simple. I already have a “MY Pages” page with a table and mass update. It didn’t occur to me to use it for this purpose.