Change font color in Style Attributes

Brand new to Skuid (Banzai) and not a programmer…please bear with me :slight_smile:
I have a Responsive Grid with a Navigation Component thrown in. The Nav Component pulls my Salesforce Apps as the source. I have a logo image next to this, with a white background. I would like the Responsive Grid to have a white background so its seamless with our company logo, but, when I preview, I cant see any of my SF app links as they are set to white. How do I get the font of the SF links to be another color? Appreciate the help!

Hi, Mark,
Good question. Yes, you can do this through a style attribute on the Navigation component. Click your Navigation component, then go to the Styles tab in the top right panel. Add a single style attribute where Property = color  and Value = mycolor  (can be the name of a color, an hex color value (like , or an rgb color value… you can look these up pretty easily online).

New attribute:


Hope this helps!

Do you know where we can find a comprehensive list of style attributes that work here?