Change field label

I have a field in a table that I want to add a label, which means, I want to put a text that links to an URL. For that, I created two fields in a custom object, so I want to show the label of one field and this same text should have the content (URL) of the second field, is that possible to do in Skuid?

Bonus question: can I do the same, but instead of using a text, I’ll use an icon, is that possible as well?

Welcome! Thanks for posting the question.

If you are on a current version of Skuid you should be able to add HTML to table column headings. It’s a feature we added in late 2021. (Chicago release)

You will need to enable HTML in the Column section of the display properties. See image below.

Then in your field - you can define a custom label. Here you can pull in another field value as your URL, or you can hard code the HTML directly.

You can also reference the skuid icons in HTML by calling the SVG and using the “Use” tag - like this:
<svg style="width:16px"> <use href="#ink:sort"></use> </svg>

Hopefully this makes sense to you. Let me know if you have questions about this.