Change E xport Table File Encoding

Is there any way to change file encoding for table exports, similar to how you can choose encoding in the standard Salesforce reports export details options? A lot of our data contains foreign characters which makes the export feature unusable unless we can export with ISO-8859-1 encoding. 

I’m not 100% sure here,  but I think the problem is with the program you are opening the CSV file in,  rather than the data that is being exported.   I’ve added lots of foreign characters to my data and the export is totally garbage in Excell 2011 for MAC.  But when I open the data in a text editor the correct characters are there. 

What sort of characters are you trying to export?  What tool are you using to open your CSV file? 

I see that it works in Excel if I manually import the file with UTF-8 encoding.  

On the same topic, it would be nice if the export column delimiter could be defined in export options. Both because we occasionally have field values with commas and because European Windows region settings default to semicolon as delimiter which makes it cumbersome for end users to open the file in Excel (through text to columns instead of Excel automatically splitting the columns).

There are a few use cases where I’d like to use Skuid to replace standard reports but where the users are used to using the standard “export details” button which formats the file in accordance to their Salesforce locale settings. When exporting a lot of reports I fear this may hinder adoption as it requires extra import steps instead of simply downloading the csv and opening it in Excel.

These are good Ideas Magnus.  I’ll set them up on our backlog.  Correct internationalization is hard work…

Bumping this - to check if there is a way on the encoding. We have implemented a full custom Skuidified CPQ built in Salesforce. Users export the quote lines to a excel sometimes because some of our customers need their quotes in that format.

We are doing the export in a snippet and I was hoping I could set the encoding there - like I am setting the File Name.

We use lots of special characters for our branding and they are not coming out right.


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