change default help icon

Is there a way to configure skuid to use a different icon for inline help?  

I can use CSS to manipulate the existing class (ui-silk-help) to point to a different icon but possibly there is a global config value that can be modified somewhere so that skuid uses it instead of the ui-silk-help class when generating the HTML?



Theming is something that is on our road map for an upcoming release. We’re still working through how it will all work, so I can’t say for sure that you’ll be able to customize the help icons specifically, but in the meantime, there is a way to auto include a CSS file for all pages in a given module:

That link makes mention of naming your JavaScript Static Resources according to your module name, but Skuid also does something similar with CSS Static Resources. In other words, if your module name is “MyModule” then a Static Resource named “MyModuleCSS” would automatically be included in all pages in the “MyModule” module.

Another possibility would to use a module included JavaScript resource (e.g. “MyModuleJS”) to run a jQuery selector for the ui-slik-help class, then removeClass and append, or switchClass as needed. It doesn’t seem like the most efficient solution, and I haven’t tested this approach fully, but I think it would work, at least for the time being.

Hey J - Thanks for the reply, encouraged by the future theming feature!. We decided to use the stock “help” icon that SFDC uses on declarative pages. To solve for this, I added the following to our CSS. .ui-silk-help { background-image: url(/img/help/helpOrbs.gif) !important; width:20px; height:15px; background-position: top left; }