Challenges with Installing Certain Versions of Skuid when running on Salesforce’s Summer ‘17 Release

Please be advised of an issue where some clients running Salesforce’s Summer ‘17 Release are having difficulty installing certain versions of Skuid. From what we have seen and heard, the problem is occurring intermittently when trying to install Rockaway Iteration 15 and all versions Brooklyn and Brooklyn Update 1. As of now, only sandboxes and preview orgs are running Summer ‘17 but please be aware that prod orgs are starting to get upgraded as early as Friday, May 19th. Please check and click on your instance to see when you are getting upgraded to Summer ‘17.

Where do I find what version I am running?

  1. Check and click on your instance to see which version of Salesforce your instance is running.

  2. Log in to your org and look at the logo in the upper left hand corner.

  • If you see a rainbow, you are still on Spring ‘17.

  • If you see two birds, you are on Summer ‘17.

How Would This Look in My Org?

If your org is NOT on Summer ‘17, you should be able to install any version of Skuid for which there are URLs for installing. If this is not the case, please let us know!

If your org is on Summer ‘17, you may receive an email with the following:

What’s Being Done About This?

This issue may be related to this Salesforce known issue. We have opened an urgent case with Salesforce about this issue. They are currently investigating whether or not our installation problem is related to the above known issue. We will update the community when more details are known.

What Can I Do In the Meantime?

Some clients who have received that error have been able to install an older version of Skuid first and then install their desired version.

Good news! Salesforce has confirmed that our installation issue was indeed related to this known issue. Salesforce has now resolved this issue for all Summer '17 orgs, including pre-release orgs. Skuid has confirmed in a Summer '17 org the ability to install versions of Skuid for which there are URLs for installing. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this problem and we will re-open the investigation with Salesforce.