Case History "Action" Column To UI-Formula Field

I’m trying to re-create the “Action” column for Case History in Skuid & am running into a bit of trouble. Below is a screenshot of the action field which i’m creating in a UI-Only template field within Skuid.

My sample formula is; "Changed " + {{Field}} + " From " + "Old Value " + "To " + "New Value"
This works fine when just using strings; however, when I replace the strings with fields {{OldValue}} and {{NewValue}} I’m getting this error message;

1. Invalid syntax for field formula: "Changed " + {{Field}} + " From " + {{OldValue}} + "To " + {{NewValue}}. SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

I had thought the issue might have something to do with OldValue and NewValue being “AnyType” fields but i’m unsure why i’m running into issues when trying to include these fields. Any ideas / suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Realizing now I was running this template on the Case and not Case History model. Same formula tested on Case History model works perfectly. 

Update: The formula works but the syntax error is still coming up. Any ideas? I’m planning on leaving it as is since i’m the only one looking at case details; however, it’d be nice to get rid of the red on page.

The user and all related content has been deleted.

Erik.  While this is not exactly a solution.  You should know that users that do not have the Skuid Builder permission do not see those red Skuid Errors.  So if you think your page is working,  you can just roll it out in confidence that the pesty error won’t show…