Case Assignment and Escalation Issues

I’m sure this is something I am doing but I have created a Queue called Tier 2; its the only one selected and I have it set up to send email to members and Queue email address with 2 members.  I have also created an assignment rule that states when a specific field is checked, assign it to the Tier 2 queue.  I have messed with this all day and I can get one single email sent out.  We are on professional so I cant use workflow.  I need help.  

I’ve also made sure the case assignment check-box is located on the case (SF and Skuid) and modified the layout properties Case Assignment Check-box to “select by default”; which I know wont translate to the skuid pages.  I’m about to throw my computer out the window!

It looks like its Skuid issue all together. I killed the visualforce page and created the case and immediately the email was sent.  something going on with the pages that is preventing it from applying the rules.  Please help.

Hi Aaron,

Skuid normally does not execute Case or Lead Assignment Rules, but it can be made to by adding a Condition to your Case Model which sets “UseActiveAssignmentRule” = TRUE for all your new Cases. I’m assuming you have a page which users are using to create a new Case? If so, just add a Condition to your Case Model on this page, on the “UseActiveAssignmentRule” field, setting it = TRUE. This will cause your Assignment Rules to be run when creating new Cases from this page.

There are some additional settings you can set, such as sending notification emails to the Contacts on your Cases when changes are made to the Case or new Case Comments are created. These can be activated using the “SendAutoResponseEmails” field and “AllowExternalEmails” field.

These fields show up at the _bottom _ of the list of Case / Lead fields:

Thanks Zach.  I added that condition like you stated and it seemed to apply the rule but still working on making the emails work.  In my queue I added an email that isn’t a user, my email; do I need to make sure I have the AllowExternalEmails added to the case?  I dont want an email to go to the customer just yet.  We are adopting Salesforce for CRM and this is the first step. Thanks again for you’re help. 

I added external email button and added other users to the queue and still no email were generated. The rule is getting applied but no notification are being sent. Retested in SF standard pages and it works like a charm; please dont tell me that notification cant be applied in Skuid.  
That wont be an option and we just purchased Skuid from a trial.  :(.

Aaron, sorry for the frustrations you’re having here — we know what’s going on. There’s another field called “SendUserNotificationEmails” that needs to be checked, which will do exactly what you’re looking for.

Bad news— this field is not showing up for the Case object right now — we will fix this in our next patch release of Skuid. 
Good news—it’s possible to use this field today, if you edit the XML of your page. If you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support, I’ll do this for you ASAP. Once you have Granted Login Access, send Support an email letting us know, and if possible include your Org Id.

You can also turn off “SendAutoResponseEmails” and “AllowExternalEmails” until you’re ready to roll-out to your customers. For Cases, I believe that these settings only affect emails that go out to customers, not to internal users.

Awesome!  thanks so much Zach.  I've granted the you access.  thanks again. 

When the fix is released, do I need to go in and do anything specific?  Also, when you fix it via XLM can you send me the XML that relates specifically to that field and the placement.  I'm working on a page (Contact Console) that allows users to view a specific contact and all calls or cases in addition to creating a call or case, in one page; also a chatter feed and calendar at the bottom.  We hope to be able to use this for screen pop's.  I'll want to add the XLM to that page as well.


I went ahead and did an early patch release to your org, so that you don’t have to edit the XML at all to fix this — the new field, “Send notification email to user” / SendUserNotificationEmails, should now be available for selection as a Case field.