Can't select Subcondition in Model Actions for Conditions

Hi Pat, are you still having this problem? I was not able to replicate this in 11.1.13:

I worked around it in the end. Still can’t select sub conditions.

I’m also dealing with the same issue. I have a subcondition that I have a filter on that I would like to listen to changes for, but am unable to do so because I can’t select it on this screen.

Hi Eulogio, can you attach a couple of screenshots showing your problem?

The screenshots I provided should suffice. :wink:

Yes, my issue is exactly what Pat is showing in his screenshots. I can’t select the subcondition when defining a model action.

Me too!


The screenshots from your attempt to reproduce are using conditions, not sub-conditions. 

Thanks all for the clarification, I was able to see this as well. I’ve spoken with our Devs and have been informed that this is a limitation of our current product. I’ve flagged this as an enhancement request, so feel free to “Me Too” this post so that our Product Design team can get eyes on it. Thanks for alerting us to this!

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Hey Pat,

What Version of Skuid is installed in the instance you are looking at?

Does the new version have this capability?

I found some related tickets, I’m checking to see if they should cover the “initiating events” scenario.

It appears that the other tickets addressed using sub-conditions in action sequences and not as an initiating event for a model action.I will follow up with the product team on using sub-conditions as an initiating event for a model action and update here as I have more information.

Thank you!